2 years ago I had problems with Windows, and called to get help and ended up talking to someone with Support Buddy. For approx 200.00, they remoted in and "fixed" the problem. I have had no contact with them since. I started getting a robocall that said unless I contacted them within 24 hours, they were going to charge my credit card almost 800.00 for a 5 year service agreement. When I called and spoke to an East Asian descended person, I was told that I had to go to some other site, get into their system to download a form. I told them I was not going to do that. Then they said I could go buy an Itunes gift card for $100.00, come back, call them and give them the card number and then they would credit the card which I could then take back to the grocery store and have it turned into cash. I called them back, told them I was not going to do that, they did not have permission to charge my credit card and that I wanted them to send me the form to sign. They hung up on me.