Hi I am another unfairly terminated Target Team Member. Seems to be alot of people saying the same thing. Here is my story I started along with about 18 other people in my orientation class. Me and three other Team Members were hired for backroom dayside. Being in backroom they base your performance on speed and accuracy I will admit at first I wasn’t that accurate approx 96-98% and obviously a couple of TL thought I was moving slow but it was mostly because I was doing the job right unlike alot of other Backroom team members. However my Accuracy and speed picked up the more I worked. I was let go due to unsatisfactory performance but according to the accuracy reports I was doing better than most of the newer team members. I was hired on around that stores busy time of the year which is back to college and now that everything is slowing down and they are cutting hrs they are starting to let people go. I was at work on time everyday and even picked up shifts from callouts. Well Today I was called into the office for my 90 day evaluation which wasn’t due until the 25th of September 2009 and told that my accuracy and my speed was the reason for me being let go although I had 99% and just as many or more pulls than anyone else. There were the same people at the bottom of the list for weeks and weeks and they still have a job today. I don’t understand how target gets away with activities like this. Thanks for reading let me know if you have had the same problems.

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