I was attacked repeatedly by hackers in late 2015-16, and lost all ability to go online from any computer. I found TSG on the internet and initially paid them 1200.00 to clean up my computers and network. They did, and I was happy with them. | After a few months of clear online access, I opted to buy a lifetime of internet security from TSG. I paid an additional $2500.00 to them for this, and then the troubles began! Apparently thinking of me as their personal piggybank, I was hit by yet another wave of hacking, and was told that I needed another upgrade, of course- ONLY 2999.00…such a DEAL! At this news I insisted on a written contract stating that I would “never pay another penny” for any of their security upgrades. TSG agreed, sent the contract to me, then of course took my money. | In November of 2017, I received a call from Techgini-their sister company-saying that I was being hacked again and now needed a “new IP address”…VERY expensive, of course! But no matter! They would install it and I was to be refunded in full. $9700.00 later, I have gotten no refund, AND now they are threatening to WALK from our lifetime contract if I do not pay them $3000.00 more!!! | CRIMINALS! Hang them from the highest yardarm!!!!


  • Name: TechGini Solutions, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Rego Park
  • Address: 6574 Saunders St. #6-H
  • Phone: 855 675-0086
  • Website: