Natonal Remedy Center


My Complaint: My name is Carol Bassett. I’m 74 years old live off SS and State retirement (both my husband and I) when I got a letter n the mail informing I could pay less for my mortgage I (dumb) I called the Remedy Company I paid out $3600 sent my tax forms 2011 and 2012 w-2s its four moths now I’m behind in my payments to City Mortgage (the Remedy Group hasn’t even gotten a hold of my mortgage company to let them know what is going on finally I called City Mortgage and are trying to make arrangement to get a lower payment not sure if they will because its for months behind. I called Remedy and told them to cancel and give me my money back. They are completely not answer my phone calls or getting back to me.


My Demand: I would like my 3600 dollars back to heip pay City Mortage