I found this site through freebies.com. Pick out purse for 4 or 5.99 s/h. Recieved purse did not know it was a 14 day promotion. My bank account was charged 95.00 dollars. I called customer service and I was told that I could not send the purse back for full refund. and that I had 14 days to cancel which I never saw. No address to return purse anyway. Then customer service told me they would reimburse me 70.00 dollars. I am waiting. My bank card was cancelled for fraud. This is a big ripp off. Can’t return merchandise and after speaking to them the bank can’t help unless they take the purse back. I am waiting for them to return my money partial 70.00 but my account is less 95.00. I will wait and see they said in 2 to five business days 7-3 is deadline. Consumer be ware of this company and any company you pay s/h fee only read the fine print or ask.

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