Complaint: In December 07 I entered into an agreement that I would pay Timothy Boyd $3000 to set me up a LLC in the state of Tennessee, additionally the monies were to include Tim researching this Rita Wesbecher from Touchstone management that I was about to enter into a financial commitment worth over 50K to ensure that she was not a fraud. After giving this person (Rita) over 55K it became apparent that I was scammed. The person took the money and ran. Tim said he based his recommendation to enter into the contract solely based on the information I gave him. Basically saying that he had done nothing and it was my fault. I acknowledge that it is my ignorance that I entered into a business agreement with Rita. As my attorney that I entrusted Tim to look out for my best interest, incorporate my business and provide trustworthy service. I received nothing for my money. The only reason why I continued to work with Tim is he said he had an investor that was willing to invest 1 million dollars in my concept. Another scam I have found out. I then entered into another financial agreement with Tim Boyd in the amount of $2500 for him to pursue this person Rita Wesbecher in court and try to recapture some of my lost funds. He told me that we tried to serve her numerous times but continued not to receive confirmation from the Kentucky police dept. After months of time going buy and not receiving anything from Tim I began requesting a refund for at least the $2500 or documentation of my file in which he provided no proof of work or ANYTHING for that matter. I actually believe it would be only right for him to give me a full refund. Basically my problem is that we have no written contract just a bunch of e-mails and phone calls to prove that we had a business relationship. I have paid Tim Boyd over $5500 (documented). I have received nothing for my money and when I asked for a refund or a copy of my file he again has provided nothing. I trusted someone who as a lawyer is supposed to stand for something. Unfortunately I have been taken advantage of at a vulnerable time in my life. I have all cancelled checks and copies of all correspondance. I filed a complaint wih the Georgia law Board. After over a year long investigation they punished him with what they call a private reprimand. Basically a slap on the hand but at least it proves that he did wrong and did not provide the services he promised. People are creatures of habit. If Tim will defraud me why not anyone??

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