My daughter parked in the metered parking the eve of Mother’s Day, May 11th. The cost per day was $1.50 but had no charge on weekends. My daughter placed $5.00 since she will be coming back on Wednesday, May 14th. Simple math would explain that if she was charged two days, she would still have $2.00 change and if for three days, $0.50 change. She got a ticket for Wednesday. When she complained to the police station, she was told that they did not find her money because she did not wrap it in brightly colored paper. There was no bright colored paper provided. They expected her to bring it along with her when she parked the car. Our court date was scheduled on June 4th. If we send the payment before the court date, the fee will be $25.00 and if after the court date, $100.00. Since we live far and had no time to go to court, I sent the payment of $25.00 although I believed it was highway robbery. Does anybody have a more credible reason why my daughter had the ticket?

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