Complaint: I am very upset with the fact that this company gets away with ripping people off! I paid at least $100 or more for tickets to see if what I had noticed going on with this app and its “favoritism”” and its “” Paid off players/ reviewers “” was in my imagination or actually true. Before I continue on Id like to make note that this company is also owned by DealDash who has had lawsuits against them (links below) as well as the company’s listed address has no location to be found on Google Maps. in- fact when you search that address on Google it brings you to the deal dash “”so claimed”” address. Oddly enough when you look at Maps that address is listed a hospice hospital!! I also noticed that when you go to you can find a careers hyperlink which brings you to job openings and every opening for a job is listed as being in Hong Kong and numerous other countries not belonging to the United States. Onto to the scam… I have screenshots of everything I’m talking about during this game and I’ve revealed the truth by studying and organizing multiple screenshots from the beginning of the tournament to the end of the tournament. What I’ve revealed? Well down to the very fact that the players under the same username happen to change their pictures quite often so that others won’t catch a long

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Address: I’ve also come to find that these same players are under multiple (and i mean multiple) tournaments and they so happen to win them all too! or maybe this is just a game for the rich? I doubt it because a simple human being could do the math based on what your outrageously charged per ticket (boosters not included) and see that these same winning players put out way more then they could ever win back in prizes. if that doesn’t explain it enough then I will tell you this…the screenshots show how rigged this game Is because I sat there and watched and took screenshots of the very few last minutes- to seconds and each time an average player (desperately seeking to win like myself) gets ahead

Website: I knew the 3rd player was no longer chiming in so it was just time for me to throw in the towel and test what I “”knew”” would happen the last rounds. In those last 4 rounds (him in lead

Phone: in the last seconds that paid off player jumps back to first place in nano seconds!!! as for the last game that I just played– were I tested my theory out