Not so good guarantee


My Complaint: I had a gentleman call and talk me into this almost 2 years ago, my initial thought was no, it’s a scam but he was very persuasive and I did. He promised they could get $5000 or more, I was skeptical but I decided to say yes. He was available up until he got the money and than he disappeared and left me to deal with rather rude people. Well finally after many many calls and I mean many of we are researching the property, this takes time blah blah blah I stopped calling and called my bank I told them I believed TSRSonline was scamming people and did I have any recourse, they assured me I did, they researched my claim and refunded me my money. It took this company over 22 months and they made an offer $166.33, I actually laughed when I read this but the kicker is they said ” your price for this service is $1050.00. ” My contract is up Jan 2014 and I will not be doing any further business with them.


My Demand: Shut this company down, make people aware.