Due to my moving, and was going to be short of funds (I attempt to exist off of SSDI monthly) I contacted Verzion to change the method of payment on my prepaid plan. For the previous year I had been on a Pre Paid plan of $50 per month automatically withdrawn from my bank account. This was to occure on the 3rd of the month (the same date SSDI was deposited into my bank account), As Verzion was overcharging me $5.00 per month, sence day 1 of my using them, they would (after taxing me on the full overpayment) then give me a $5.00 credit on my account each month. I contacted Verzion on March 28th 2014 and asked if I could use some of the $60.00 credit I had accrued toward the next months payment that was due on April 2 2014, and at the same time cancle the automatic withdrawl. I was assured by the customer service rep, this would be done, no problem. On April 28, 2014 I was awaken at 6:45AM to a text message saying verzion had done a automatic withdrawl from my bank acccount for the monthly payment of $55.00, checking my bank account at 10 AM after I woke back up dhowed this to be exactly what they had doen to an account that I had been assured had the auto withdrawl feature stopped. I then contacted Verzion and spoke with a different customer seervice rep named “”Cristian”” who was very appoligic over the problem, and said it woul dbe straightened out immedatly. I took him at his word. I even asked to be transfered to his supervisor to provide a positive feedback report requesting Cristian be given a “”pat on the back”” for a job well done. .

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