I called to order the free sample box, but then was told that I was strongly advised to order at least 2 more boxes at $70. I stated that I did not want the order at all then, they were supposed to cancel the order all together. nI received a NSF fee from my bank for a another check that I had written to someone else. I knew that I had enought money in the bank to cover that check. That’s when I found out that Warners had charged my acct for $4.50 for the free shippment and then $35. for another order. nI called the order line and spoke to Ebony, the supervisor, and she stated that they had shipped the orders and would not credit my acct until they were shipped back. I have not received any shipments! She kept stating that it was my fault that I received a NSF fee from my bank and that they would not refund any charges. nI don’t know how to stop them from charging me for more. nHELP!! nSherrynKalamazoo, MichiganU.S.A.

5649 Creek Rd Cinncinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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