Complaint: Ah Bill Waggoner – where do I start. I should have done my homework prior, hopefully you are not reading this post after too already being robbed / defrauded by him as me and my partner were. Bill will come on strong with a long winded and ridiculous tale about he himself being defrauded for $22mm. I was suspicious when this popped out of his mouth, but I am a firm believer giving people as much rope to hang themselves and let them prove me wrong. He did the opposite and I too fell victim to this piece of s***. Here is how is con goes – he will promise to deliver proprietary technology or traffic or email blasts. These blasts will generate at least $5k a day. OH but wait!! He only needs $2-3k to tie up loose ends, or get the servers live, or save his made up children (whom were dumped on his door step) from some crazy incident. Yep, he used his “daughter was attacked”” as an excuse as to why he could not deliver on our deal. I even gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him another two weeks to do ANYTHING. Low and behold

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: nada. Then after threats he pops back up – THIS time HE was attacked! Yeah

Website: this bottom feeding loser will promise to deliver the moon and follow through on none of it. I have filed criminal charges in both California and Nevada. I am also speaking with a federal agent since the wire was sent out of state

Phone: I was laughing at this point as well. I gave him 24 hours to refund or would be moving forward with both defaming his business / him and filing criminal charges. Well