I ordered a product at Christmas from Zazzle.com . One item. Ordered it, checked out, item was shipped and received. 31 days later I get an email from paypal saying that zazzle has charged me $9.95 for a shipping discount program. I certainly didn’t need or want this – so I emailed Zazzle. They responded and said that since it was not within 30 days, I could not cancel, and they would not refund me $9.95. This was seriously on day 31. Until this email from paypal – I had no idea I had joined this ridiculous program. No doubt I must have not unchecked a box during check out that booked me into this. I emailed them again – before going here or elsewhere to post a complaint and asked one more time – that they were seriously not going to refund me 10 bucks because I emailed on day 31, and they have a 30 day policy. They replied and said that is correct. I was polite and simply requested the refund. They would not oblige. FAIL Zazzle.com . Poor customer service, and scamming people out of a “shipping program””. Who wants that? You are not Amazon prime. I truly hope this post costs you at least 10 dollars worth of business. Something that could have easily been rectified by simply treating a customer like a customer. nI strongly advise against ordering any single item from Zazzle.com based on their shady business practices and poor customer service.”

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